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Doing Business with SHFD

The steps and process necessary to conduct business with the District are outlined in this section.

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Whats New


New Website

Welcome to our new look.  Please browse the site and let us know what you think.  And yes, there are sections still being developed, so keep checking back.




Current News


Polar Plunge

Come join the fun at the annual Polar Plunge, sponsored by the Special Olympics Kansas. This years event will be held January 29, 2011 (weather permitting), with registration starting at 10:00 a.m. As in the past, the SHFD Water Rescue will be assisting during the event. Come take the plunge, or join the crowd watching those that do. Click here for more information.



Recent News


New Apparatus

The department recently took possession of a truck that will be used by the water recue team. With a lot more storage and on-board air supply, the department will be better positioned to deliver water rescue services.



Vendor Information for Doing Business with the District


Vendor's Guide

The Administration Division of the Shawnee Heights Fire District (SHFD) is responsible for the procurement of goods and services used by the department. It is the objective of the SHFD to purchase the necessary supplies, equipment, and services at the lowest possible cost consistent with the quality needed to meet its requirements and to ensure that its patrons receive the maximum value for each dollar expended.

The Administration offices are open from 8:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m., Monday through Friday at 2626 SE Shawnee Heights Road, Tecumseh, Kansas 66542. Visits by sales representatives are welcomed and encouraged. It is recommended that visits be scheduled by telephoning for appointments in order to more productively use the time of both buyers and salespersons. The telephone number is (785) 359-0566.

How To Become Eligible To Sell To The SHFD  (NEW IRS W9 form must be completed)

All vendors who are interested in doing business with the SHFD should register with the Administration Division by completing and submitting a Bidder's Application and an IRS W9 form. Once your completed application has been received, your company will be placed on the vendor's mailing list with an indication of the products or services it provides. The vendor's mailing list is consulted when a commodity or service is needed, and it is used for notification of bid solicitations. Vendors may be removed from the vendor's mailing list when they fail to perform in accordance with contract provisions, or by submitting a written request to do so.

The Procurement Process

Vendors shall not make sales to SHFD staff without a properly authorized purchase order, except as described below. The Administration Division uses four basic types of procurement methods for the purchase of material, equipment, and services.

The four methods are:

  • Small Dollar Purchases
  • The SHFD Board has delegated the authority to the Fire Chief to make direct purchases with a value of $999.99 or less. This is accomplished by the use of a District Credit Card, or direct charge to an Open Charge Account. The utilization of a Purchase Order (PO) is at the discretion of the Fire Chief.

  • Open Market Purchases
  • Purchases of less than $5,000.00 are obtained on the open market following a formal request by the department. Generally, these are one-time purchases of a definite quantity of product or service. The vendor's mailing list will be utilized to solicit quotations from qualified suppliers in order to obtain competition consistent with the size and nature of the purchase. A purchase order will be issued as the vendor's authorization to provide a product or service.

  • Formal Purchases
  • Purchases in excess of $5,000.00 are obtained according to formal competitive and sealed bid procedures. Formal bids will be solicited through a Request for Proposal (RFP) or Request for Bid (RFB) submitted to qualified suppliers from our vendor's mailing list. This document will contain general conditions and instructions to bidders, along with detailed specifications. Bids are opened and publicly read at the time and date specified, and all interested parties are invited to attend.

  • Non-Competitive Purchases
  • Certain circumstances exist which require purchases to be accomplished by waiving competitive and sealed bid procedures. In such cases, the Administration Division shall negotiate price, delivery, and other contractual terms and conditions. An emergency is the most common situation requiring non-competitive purchases. An emergency exists when circumstances occur which create a threat to public health or safety, pose a risk to the preservation or protection of property, or cause severe interference with the provision of SHFD services. In very rare instances, there may be only one vendor able to furnish a certain item or service. The Administration Division is responsible for making all such sole source determinations.

Important Considerations For Bidders

Award Policy

Awards will be made to the lowest responsible bidder, taking into consideration conformity with the specifications, terms of delivery, and other conditions imposed in the Request for Proposal or Request for Bid. In cases where tie bids occur, preference will be given to bidders in the following order: 1) located within the district limits; 2) located within Shawnee County, Kansas; 3) located within the State of Kansas. The SHFD reserves the right to accept or reject any and all bids and to determine the best bid. The Administration Division may reject the bid of any bidder who has failed to perform satisfactorily on a previous contract with the SHFD.


It is the intent of the SHFD that acquisitions be made under conditions that allow for free and open competition. Bidders are encouraged to advise the Administration Division whenever specifications do not comply with standard trade practices or impose impractical or unreasonable requirements.

Alternate Or Equivalent Bids

Whenever the specifications of an article or material are defined by trade name, brand name, or model and catalog number, the term or equal, if not written, is implied. Any such reference to a particular manufacturer's product is for the purpose of item identification and to establish standards of performance, quality and features. Bids on equivalent items are invited. Alternate bids may be submitted and, if deemed advantageous to the SHFD, evaluated and considered.

Intergovernmental Cooperative Purchasing

The SHFD may piggyback on contracts established by other governmental jurisdictions when it is assured that competitive sealed bidding has been employed. Vendors willing to extend to the SHFD existing price agreements with other governmental entities should notify the Administration Division.

Conflict Of Interest And Gratuities

It is the policy of the SHFD that its employees, officers, or agents shall not have a financial or personal interest that would impair their proper discharge of official duties. Any employee who knows that he or she has an actual or potential conflict of interest shall disqualify himself or herself from involvement in the procurement process. Soliciting or accepting any gift, gratuity, favor, or kickback from any person who has or is seeking to do business with the SHFD is also prohibited. Gratuities shall not mean pens, pencils, matchbooks, calendars, or other incidental novelty items used for advertising purposes, or meals or other meeting-related incidentals for the purpose of conducting or discussing official business.


In order to receive payment for goods or services furnished, the vendor must submit an original invoice. Invoices must show the properly authorized purchase order number; complete descriptions of the goods or services furnished; quantity delivered; unit prices and extensions; applicable taxes; and prompt payment discount terms, if any.

Surplus Property

The Administration Division is responsible for the sale or disposal of scrap material and surplus property, normally through auctions, spot sales, or competitive bidding. Questions concerning surplus property should be referred to the Administration staff.

Contracting For Professional Services

All contracts for professional and consulting services are procured through a competitive selection process, except for contractual services where, in the opinion of the Administration Division, no competition exists.